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Screening appointments

If you are between 50 and 70 years old, or part of the age extension pilot (47 to 49 years or 71 to 73 years) you will receive an appointment once every three years, inviting you to have a breast screening mammogram. You do not have to contact us to make an appointment, we will ensure that you receive your invitation at the appropriate time. Women over 70, who are not included in the age extension pilot, will not be sent an invitation but are encouraged to call the unit to make an appointment that suits them.

If you would like to know when you are likely to be invited you can look at the screening schedule If it has been over three years since your last breast screening appointment then please contact the office on 020 3758 2024.

We have a range of different locations where you can be screened and a range of appointment dates and times. We try to invite you to a screening clinic that is convenient for most women in your GP practice but we appreciate that this may not always suit you. Find out more about our screening locations.

When you receive your invitation letter you will see that we have already allocated you a specific screening location, appointment date and time. If you find this appointment inconvenient then complete the appointment request form so we can arrange an alternative location, date or time.


You can make a request to change, cancel or request an appointment via this website if:

  1. You have received a NHS breast screening appointment from the London Breast Screening Service and need to change or cancel the appointment.
  2. You have missed an NHS breast screening appointment from the London Breast Screening Service and you would like to request a new appointment.
  3. You are aged 70 or over and have not been screened within the last three years and you would like to request an appointment.
  4. You have been included in the randomised age extension for the 47-49 age group and need to change or cancel the appointment.

IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about your breasts, please make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible. Please do not make an appointment with the screening service.

We are committed to open working and efficiency in providing services and will be willing to respond to a query left on our website under the following circumstances:

  1. This is not an emergency service and will not be available out of hours or on weekends and bank holidays (we operate from 09:00 - 17:00). It is important that you are aware that the breast screening programme is unable to provide medical advice via email and if you have any breast concerns please contact your GP. In the event of an urgent situation you should contact the emergency services.
  2. By providing personal information such as your name and e-mail address via the form on this website, you agree to us contacting you with regard to your request (we will not however discuss/disclose any personal clinical information)
  3. You recognise that confirmation emails to public internet email addresses (e.g. name@gmail.com) is not secure at any point.
  4. The breast screening programme has no responsibility for information that leaves authorised NHS networks at the request of the patient and as such cannot guarantee the security of such information.
  5. The Trust has no responsibility for equipment used by the client/patient to send or receive email.
  6. You are satisfied that access to your own system/email account is secure.



Latest news including information for women who are worried that they may have missed an invitation for screening.


Change your appointment


If you already have an appointment, but would like to change it, we will be very happy to arrange this for you.

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Where we screen.


We screen at various convenient places across the region.

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