London Breast Screening

How to join the London breast screening team

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The London NHS Breast Screening Services are leading the way in supporting the transformation of the wider NHS breast screening programme, and have exciting opportunities for qualified Radiographer Practitioner and Associate Practitioners wishing to be a part of this journey.

By becoming a part of the team, not only will be you be at the forefront of change professionally, you will have the most famous city in the world, and all it has to offer, on your doorstep.

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How to train to become a part of the London breast screening team?

The London NHS Breast Screening Programme is hosted by some of the most prestigious training hospitals, not only in the UK, but the world.

There are a number of educational routes you can take to become a Radiographer Practitioner or an Associate Practitioner such as higher eduction, post graduate specialising and apprenticeships.

What are these routes? And how do I access them? Find out more about training opportunities.

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