London Breast Screening

LGBTIQ+ Jan 2023

'Best For My Chest’ is a LGBTIQ+ inclusive breast screening campaign that the Live Through This Charity has launched in partnership with the NHS North East London Cancer Alliance. Its aim is to encourage the LGBTIQ+ community to attend the national breast screening programme or if necessary get their symptoms checked through a breast clinic.

Stewart O’Callaghan, Chief Executive of the 'Live Through This' charity explains; 'Breast Cancer Screening saves lives but our community can face multiple barriers when trying to access this vital service. 'Best For My Chest' was created to let our community know that this service is for them, and they will be treated with respect when they use it.'

If you are member of the LGBTIQ+ community and would like to know more about breast screening in your area, please explore our website and get in touch.

Check out the brilliant 'Best for My Chest' video here.

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