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SMALL study

The SMALL study is a research study which will help experts learn whether some women with small breast cancers, which are at low risk of spreading can be safely treated by removal of the cancer using a biopsy needle (under a local anaesthetic) instead of an operation.

The 2012 Breast Screening Review showed that breast screening saves lives but that some women may be having more treatment than is necessary for their breast cancer.

The SMALL study aims to find out the best way to treat small breast cancers found by screening.

Women diagnosed with small, low-grade breast cancers will be invited to consider if they would like to join the SMALL study. Women who choose to enter the study will be allocated either to have their cancer removed by open surgery or by a minimally invasive technique called vacuum-assisted excision (removal with a biopsy needle).

All women in the study will have mammograms every year for 5 years.

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